Soma Lounge has been on a bit of hiatus but we are finally back and going 100%. As summer is coming to a close we want to give you a great line up that will have you dancing all night long. Check them out

BeatSexyBeat - Their fusion of indie rock and electronics makes you move with every step to the beat. Motto: No one cares No one sympathizes We just stay home and play synthesizers

Adult Toys - Minimalist music that keeps your eyes wide open and ears wanting more.

Modern Traditions - These guys all the way from Beamount, CA bring lush sounds and mellow melodies.

The Orange Factory - Psychedelic vocals, loud bass, feet tapping bass, and blues-drives guitars. Dont miss out on them!!

Starts at 7pm. All ages. 5 Bucks at the dollar. Come down. August 15th, Thursday. Back to the Grind 3575 University Ave